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Songs blacked out and not accessable in Document folder view

Started by Irishheather, February 24, 2016, 08:01:29 AM

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I have been using SetList Maker for awhile and after my od iPad was damaged, (no back-up) and I added the app onto my new iPad.  I synced in iTunes.  i can SEE the songs in the documents folder view but I can't access any of it.  I am sure it's something I am doing wrong on my end, but I have had this problem for over a month.  I am even willing to do any upgrade.  I am just desperate to get this to work again.  TIA for the help.



You also emailed about this, and I already replied to your email. The short answer is that you copied your documents onto your new device, but you didn't sync your database. The FAQ explains how to do that under "How can I move all my data to a new device?"