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Best way to show video on a projector

Started by Maarten, December 28, 2015, 10:27:17 AM

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I just purchased the Video upgrade since I often want to show video along with my songs when I'm in a theatre setting. The video works already in SLM, but I need the lyrics instead.
So, I want to show my scrolling lyrics on the iPad and the video on the wall behind me. What will be the best way to achieve this?
- Will it work somehow wireless? How can I achieve that?
- Do I need to buy a Ipad to VGA adapter (or HDMI cable depending on the projector)?
- Any other method?


Currently documents, lyrics and videos all use the "document viewer," and you can only display one document viewer at a time. Adding support for multiple document viewers, so you can display lyrics and a video simultaneously, is tentatively on my to do list for 2016.

To use an external display, you can either use an Apple TV for a wireless connection, or buy the appropriate iPad video adapter for the kind of cable you want to use.


Ok thanks. I will use a second device for now.


App version 5.0, which I submitted to Apple today, has a new Settings > General Settings > External Display > Content > Doc +1. This allows you to show one document (or video) on your device screen and show the next attached document (or video) on an external display.

More info about the new version is here:,1347.0.html