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Off topic Midi Tempo question

Started by apilz, February 24, 2016, 06:34:47 AM

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Hi everyone, this is a little off topic but a general MIDI question related to tempo.

Does anyone know of a way to hook up a MIDI setup so that the tempo from a electronic drum kit can control the tempo of a sequencer.

Eg similar to using a tap tempo buts one that's driven by bass drum trigger by the drummer. We want to expand our song lists to include some loop backs or sequences without having to rely on click tracks and so forth but have the tempo of the song triggered by our actual drummer.

Sorry for the off topic subject, but I'm hoping one of your geniuses has had similar requirements and a smart solution.


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Thanks, Alan


Cool idea. I don't know for sure, but I think this is something that would have to be implemented as a specific feature in the software you want to control. There's nothing in the standard MIDI spec about controlling a tempo manually in real time, but software could definitely be designed to calculate a tempo from incoming controller messages.

Pongo want your drummer to, in essence, be the one to `drive the bus'? :)

Since his tempo will not be perfect, you're also going to need to be able to manipulate the playback speed of the backing track, in real time, correct?

Wouldn't it be easier for the drummer to let the sequencer and/or audio track drive the bus?



That's correct. I would like the drummer speed and tempo to control the sequencer tempo. This would then eliminate the need for a click track and also make allowances for having a looser feel to some of the songs and therefore make them more natural.

I found a free app called "In Time" that reports it does exactly what I'm thinking but the page is quite old, I need to download and give it a go I guess. for more info..
Thanks, Alan


I just realized that this would be very difficult to do if your drummer plays anything other than a steady 1-2-3-4 on the bass drum. The software would have to be very smart to work out the tempo from a more complicated or irregular pattern.



I was of the impresssion that the bass drum beat would work like tap tempo and therefore calculate the average tempo. Just my thoughts..
Thanks, Alan


But you need more than just the average tempo. You need the backing track and the drummer to remain in sync throughout...which sounds like something that will be quite difficult to accomplish.

Cool idea though.


The problem I was thinking of is that the drummer might not always play 1 2 3 4 on the bass drum in every measure. If he played 1 2 - 4 or 1 & 2 & 3 4 that would throw off the tempo calculation. I'm not a drummer, but they sometimes use different bass drum patterns, right?


Goods points from both of you. I'll try experimenting with this In Time app and let you know the result.  ???
Thanks, Alan