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Event sort order

Started by BenjaminJon, February 26, 2016, 06:01:20 PM

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In the app, it would beneficial to view the Event list so that the next event date is on top.  The current date sort order goes from last to first, and I don't see a way to reverse it.  Forgive me if I missed a setting somewhere.


This is on my wish list and I'll let you know when I have a solution.

The problem is that if you sorted from oldest to newest, you would have to scroll through all your past events, which would typically be an even longer group than sorting through all your future events. So this probably also needs a way to hide past events.


In the new app versions I submitted to the app stores today, you can tap the search button at the top of the Events list and select Sort By > Date, then select Sort By > Date a second time to reverse the sort. You can also turn on the Future filter to hide past events.

The Android version should be available later today and the iOS version in a few days.

The complete list of changes is here:


Neat additional option Arlo. :)
But it took a while for me to find it - and I'll have to explain it to the whole band.
Maybe set it to default to "Future" and Sort by Date:Earliest ... I think that is what most band members are looking for.


I think having a filter turned on by default would be a bad idea ... would lead to a lot of "where are all my events" questions!

As a compromise, the current app version does save the filters you set indefinitely. That has already led to some "where is all my data" questions from people who set a filter and forgot about it. But in this case you could set up the list to show only future events and then leave it that way.