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Using BandHelper to make Program Changes in MainStage

Started by apilz, February 27, 2016, 03:58:50 AM

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Hi everyone, As you can probably see from the number of posts from me recently I am revisiting my complete rig setup and trying to get everything optimized the best I can.

So my rig now consists of the following:

BandHelper 2.6.2
iPad Mini 2 iOS 9.2.1
iConnect MIDI 4+ interface f/w 1.03
Macbook Pro OS X El Capitan 10.11.3
MainStage 3 version 3.2.3
Behringer Xenyx 1204USB Mixer
Korg M50
Roland RD-300GX
Novation 61SL Mk II MIDI controller

What I am trying to achieve is having BandHelper controlling the patch changes on all of my gear including MainStage.

I have setup two test Midi Presets to represent a Bank1 / Preset 1 and Bank 1 / Preset 2 in MainStage. All ports and channels are setup correctly. And I can see the corresponding MIDI messages flowing into MainStage. (see attached) but MainStage isn't cooperating and doesn't want to do anything.

Has anyone got a similar setup i.e. MainStage and BandHelper and got it working?   ???
Thanks, Alan


Well after 8hrs of messing around with different things, managed to get it working.

Using the Novation controller I managed to get main stage to recognise a program change. Using the midi information dialogue was able to determine that the bank information wasn't necessary?

Just typed 001 as the program number and hey presto Bandhelper can change the patch!

Not sure what happens if I later want to use banks, but I have 128 patches to create before I need to worry about that problem. I just hope it all works when I power everything back on again tomorrow!!

Thanks, Alan


my rig has almost the same setup as you : Korg Kronos, Nord stage 2, MainStage, NI rig kontrol foot controller, Ipad 2 and Connectivity MIDI 2+

my program changing is a little bit different. I use My Kronos to select all my midi changes to all my gear and MainStage, and bandhelper on the Ipad 2 sends the program changes only to the Kronos. like this it is more save when my Ipad goes down I can still changes my patches easy on the kronos and everything is changing with it.

and you can send bank select to MainStage . look at the picture.


Ralph. Thanks for the reply. How have you setup up your Kronos to do the switching? I'm not all the familiar with the Kronos but expect it's quite similar to my M50.
Have you created and moved all of your patches to represent a set list? I've tried to avoid doing that with my setup with the help of BH. I would be interested to see some alternatives. Like you say if BH or the iPad fails then you have a backup. I have to say, BH and the iPad has never let me down to date! I use it at all of our gigs now.
Thanks, Alan


Ralph, I have mainstage working perfectly now. Not sure what was wrong before while I was experimenting but now all is ok. There are several variables that could be the issue, namely the iConnect Midi 4+ I'm still getting my head around the setup and config.

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Thanks, Alan