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Use Set List Maker on iMac and export/import to iPad?

Started by WeFrost, March 02, 2016, 05:03:35 PM

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Hi all,

It would be SO convenient for me to take care of all of my Set List Maker edits, etc. on my iMac, and export to my iPad. To the best of my knowledge, Set List Maker is an app for tablets, phones, etc.

Can anyone help with my question—can Set List Maker be used on my iMac to do what I need to do, then export to my iPad?

Thanks! :-)



Set List Maker can't run on a computer, but my newer product, BandHelper, has a web interface that syncs with the apps for just this purpose:


WeFrost: I second Arlo's recommendation. Bandhelper is awesome, and the online editing tool is so much easier with options such as import that can upload a batch of songs, or as I've just done load a ton of midi presets in one shot!! Worth the investment, especially useful if you have others in the band..

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Thanks, Alan