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MIDI Bank Changes - Korg M50

Started by apilz, June 23, 2015, 09:34:08 AM

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Hi.. Just getting back into this technology after a 20yr gap! Oh boy steep learning curve..

Anyway, I am the proud owner of Bandhelper and want to get all of my MIDI presets setup for our bands set list.

After reviewing all the threads on here I have had some success but cannot get the Korg to switch banks! If i just enter a random number in the last field then the preset changes accordingly but the bank selection is a mystery..

Must be something I am doing wrong I am sure.

Tried using the MIDI learn function but the hex code seems identical for any bank selected!

Hope the answer is straight forward and we can get on and make some music!
Thanks, Alan


What Korg product are you using?

Can you confirm from its user manual, a Korg support forum or Korg tech support that it supports bank changes, and find out what MIDI messages you need to send to it to do that?

Have you tried entering bank numbers into the program change MSB and/or LSB fields in BandHelper?



Thanks for the quick reply.. I have a Korg M50. I Don't have any manuals for the keyboard but from what I have downloaded from the web it can support program changes.

I am guessing that this is such an obvious gap in my knowledge that its most likely to be a user / operator error.

When you say entering bank numbers do you mean numerics or letters. I have bank A through to E for programs and A to D for combi's.

I tried dialing some numbers in the LSB field and the bank changed but to no logical selection, i.e. 2 selected B 3 also selected B but 1 didnt select A etc...
Thanks, Alan


In standard MIDI, a bank change consists of one or two numbers -- the MSB and LSB. If your Korg device refers to banks as letters, you will have to find out how it maps standard bank MSB and LSB numbers to those letters. In other words, what MSB and LSB numbers do you have to send to select a given bank. This should be in the Korg manual (which you should be able to find online), or you can search Korg support forums or contact Korg tech support.


Hi apilz

May it helps. Check out this page:

Download the MIDI .pdf file from KORG's web site:

Follow on the bottom this link: where the bank and program change are descripted: post #8

Make sure you send and receive on the same MIDI channel



Thanks Guys... Problem kind of resolved!! Thanks for your support.

For others the solution is very simple..

M50 Bank A --> MSB = 0 LSB = 00 Program = Patch Number

Bank A 000: M50 Grand Piano = 00 00 000
Bank D 065: Power Synth = 00 03 065

Reference the M50 Parameter Guide page 218 for more information.
Thanks, Alan


Thank you for the information you supplied.  I have the Korg Krome which is very similar to the m50.

Thank you. I got everything working great now

If anyone is seeking the SysEx MIDI information for the Korg Krome Keyboard to switch between - Program Mode and Combi Mode, please use the following information:

( Korg Krome )
SysEx MIDI Program Mode -
f0 42 30 00 01 15 4e 02 f7

f0 42 30 00 01 15 4e 00 f7