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"Performed Recently" Smartest is not working

Started by Erawal, March 25, 2016, 09:20:32 PM

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I accidentally mis-posted the below question to the Band Helper forum.  I am reposting it here, as my question pertains to Set List Maker.  Thanks, and apologies for the multiple posts. 

Hi, I am hoping to learn why the "Performed Recently" smart list does not populate, even though I have set lists for recent shows that are tagged as having occurred on recent past dates.

The Smart List is Set to "Last Performed greater than 6/10/15."  I also tried "less than" to no avail.

Any help appreciated.  I am pretty new to the SetList Maker program, and have tried browsing the forum and the FAQs but could not find the answer.

Thanks so much -- I have a couple of other questions that I will post separately with subject-specific titles for easy sorting.

--Ellen (Erawal)


I just tried this and it worked as expected for me. Please log a help desk ticket here:

After submitting, take the ticket ID and tap Help > Send Troubleshooting Info in the app and enter the ID.


I'm having the same problem.  I'm running Set List Maker on a Kindle Fire.


This will be fixed in the next app update around the end of this month.