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Automating Notes

Started by ByronSanto, June 08, 2016, 10:21:12 AM

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Is it possible to automate notes like lyrics?

I'd like to use the notes field as a Song Form field and have it scroll as the song plays so that I can see the see the song form.

What would be coolest I have a song form field that could be automated so that only the current song form part is visible as the song plays.


No, you can only auto-scroll or use an automation track to scroll the Lyrics field, so you would need to put this content into the Lyrics field. If you are playing in a band where everyone else wants to see the lyrics but you want to see the song form, you could turn off Settings > Database Sync > Sync Contents > Lyrics and then enter the song form into the lyrics field on your device.


Thanks for the info.

The band I'm working for is a 10-piece with 13 sub musicians. It's a wedding band with a large repertoire. I was hoping to keep the song form available at all times. I just never know who will be on a gig at any given time. I'm currently the FOH engineer for them.

I started playing around with the multi doc button. That might be an option for me.

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One other option, if you want to add more hardware, is available in the upcoming app version later this month ... you will be able to display one attached document (or the built-in lyrics field) on your device display and a different document (or lyrics) on either an external display or a second device via the device linking function. The external display functionality only works on iOS and the second device functionality only works with an iOS master device, but the slaves can be iOS or Android.

Depending on how much text your "song form" requires, it might be sufficient just to design a layout that lets you put that into the Notes field and display it alongside your lyrics, and then you would have a much simpler on-stage setup.


Can't wait to try that.

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