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Other MIDI apps on the same iPad

Started by micklepickle, October 11, 2016, 12:02:53 PM

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I'm exploring the feasibility of using Setlist Maker and Luminair on the same iPad. Can they communicate via MIDI within the iPad software (no cables)?

Here is what I'm trying to do:
I am a musician and soundguy at the same time, and would like to also control lighting while performing. I currently use SetList Maker to send MIDI commands to my Soundcraft Expression mixer. When I select a new song on SetList Maker, it automatically sends a MIDI command to the mixer to set the vocal effects (reverb/delay) for that song. It works great - highly recommended.

Now I want to do the same with lights. I would like to use SetList Maker to send a MIDI command to something like Luminair (which I haven't bought yet) to select a "scene" for that song. Within that scene (during the song), I'd like to have the option to use a MIDI footswitch to change lighting for different parts of the song.

Has anyone done this? Any recommendations for how to proceed?
Thanks much,


Yes, generally speaking, multiple apps running on the same iPad can send MIDI to each other. I don't know what capabilities Luminair has in particular.


I am using Luminair with SetList Maker for our on stage lighting. We have a small rig of four led parcans but it works beautifully. I use two iPads on stage. The first iPad has the midi commands on it and the song titles. When I press the song name, it sends the midi preset to Luminair which triggers the programmed lighting scene and the song on the second iPad. The iPads and Luminair run wirelessly into my Apple Express. The Apple Express is connected to a DMXKing interface. It is a fantastic setup and would easily work with a larger lighting rig. Happy to give you any other info I have, if you want. 


Ruckman65, it sounds like you're running something very similar to what I'm suggesting, but with two iPads. Have you tried it using just one iPad?

I've been digging into this further, and based on Arlo's comment, a single iPad config might be possible. Luminair supports "Virtual MIDI", which is the mechanism to allow multiple apps in an iPad to communicate. Apparently Luminair needs to be enabled to run in background to support this. Arlo, does Setlist Maker also support Virtual MIDI?

If so, I'll purchase Luminair and start experimenting.

Thanks for the responses!


Arlo, does Setlist Maker also support Virtual MIDI?

Yes. By default it will send to and receive from any other apps on the same device.

If you need to limit which apps it sends to and receives from, you would need to set a port in your MIDI Device records or your remote control settings. This ability relies on the other app creating a virtual MIDI port that you can select.


Hello micklepickle. Yes, I have used Luminair and SetList maker in a one iPad setup previously and it works brilliantly.


Thanks Arlo and Ruckman65 for the help with this. I succeeded in getting SetList Maker to send MIDI commands to select Luminair Scenes. Arlo, I've been using SetList Maker for a long time, and continue to discover amazing new capabilities. Nice work!

Ruckman65, i have another question about controlling Luminair I'll post in the Luminair thread. Appreciate the help!