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Lyric colors/colours in bright daylight

Started by JerryK, April 21, 2019, 03:51:10 PM

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Is there some way to alter an iPad's colour palette for use in bright light?
I had a duo gig on Saturday, including 20 new songs and relying heavily on BH for lyrics and chords.  The weather was fabulous, the stage was outside and covered with a white awning.  Seeing the iPad content was difficult but with my (male) lyrics in white or light blue, and chords in yellow, I could just about cope.  However, many of the female lyrics, especially where we swap vocals during the song, are in Purple.  My partner in crime found these almost invisible.
Can the iPad (Air2) be persuaded to lighten or otherwise edit the colours?  I think it can do 'warming' for use in the evening to aid sleep.  Maybe the opposite is also possible.
Otherwise, can you invent a mechanism or a means to re-define, please Arlo?


Did you already try Settings > Appearance > Color Theme = Light?


Ah. I didn't but I'd guess that yellow chords would disappear. Ok, they can be changed. I had dismissed that seeing long ago as it would typically light us up and defeat lighting effects a bit. I feel lighter pink (and others) on black would be much nearer my comfort zone. I use light grey for directions too. It might all be to different - I'm already at the limit of brain power with new material - but I will give it a try, next chance I get.