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Multitrack Recording using Advanced Audio

Started by soundog, April 05, 2016, 10:31:28 AM

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I'm using an 8 channel USB interface (Line 6 Helix) with my iPad and multitrack recording works fine with apps like Garage Band and Cubasis. I purchased the advance audio in-app for SLM to do multitrack recording, but can't get it to work.

In Settings (audio/midi) I'm able to specify 4 of my Helix inputs for Recording 1L Output Channels (and 1R, 2L, and 2R). All the Helix USB audio out options show up OK. I have to use Helix USB output 3/4 and output 4/6 for my setup.

When I record, the finished recording just shows up as a single .m4a file, and it is silent.

How do I do multitrack recording using my specified USB audio outs?

Thank you.


Set List Maker does not do multitrack recording. The multi-route audio settings are used for routing the playback of recordings and tempo clicks to different output ports. They are not used for audio input.