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Database sync

Started by James Schaper, April 11, 2016, 05:44:44 AM

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James Schaper

I'm a bit uneasy with syncing my database to Itunes only where the contents are not visible. I would like to be able to access and view the cloud files but so far Icloud and Icloud drive don't sync for me. Is it possible to sync my database with Dropbox?

Ok, I found the answer in another topic but now I need to understand the order of precedence. I'm running SLM on two Ipads using my wife's as a backup. If I sync the primary first and then order a sync on the secondary does it undo the primary edits? I was playing a show yesterday where suddenly my tempos were wrong and wondering if this could be the reason.


Changes from any device are synced to any other device.

If you want one device to act purely as a backup, you can turn on Settings > General Settings > Read Only and then you won't be able to make changes to your data on that device.