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Can I limit who sees the financial tab?

Started by lacylux, January 26, 2016, 11:51:09 AM

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I have two bands where I hire out independent sub-contractors for a fixed amount for each gig. These guys play almost all of the gigs. I would like to use the functionality of the Financial tab but don't want to share this info with these sub-contracted musicians but I do want them to have access to the calendar and the set lists. How can I do that? Thanks..


You can edit the users in the web interface and turn on the Personal Finance Only option. Then they can still see the Finance page, but will only see transactions that relate to them.

In the next update (in 2-3 weeks), you will also be able to override the division of a payment rather than divide everything equally, and people with the Personal Finance Only option will only see their share of a transaction, not the whole transaction amount. Also in the next update they will not be able to add or edit transactions. In short, they will be able to see payments to themselves, but nothing else.


Awesome! That was the best response ever, exactly what I was looking for!