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Feature request "glueing songs together" in a setlist

Started by RR, April 19, 2016, 06:56:37 AM

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Hi Arlo,
my feature request is a bit old... but here´s my problem and a suggestion how to get around it:
My band usualy plays long shows of 45 to 60 Songs a night. For every show we make an individual setlist, often from scratch. We play some songs directly after the other with some sort of transition. The problem is: I cannot see the transitions when sorting the songs for the shows, or move those combined songs together. This makes it more complicated to sort the songs or to decide which ones to kick out or where we could squeeze in another one. I cannot make a "medley" song out of the combined ones, because we sometimes play them together and somtimes we play them individually.
My suggestion is to add a "glueing" function, that combines a song with its follower. I´d also like to "daisy chain" more than two songs. The "glue" should be visual in the setlist views and when exporting setlists to those non-techies still using paper on stage... The glue should also have the function that you can move glued songs only together. Of course there would have to be an "unglueing" function - I´m sure you already thought of it, if you know what I´m aiming at.
I´m afraid this would be quite a big change to your great program, but I´m also sure that many users would like to build groups of songs in any form.

So, maybe when it´s getting uncomfortably hot in Oregon you might find some time in your cosy airconditioned programming-room...
Anyway, keep up the good work


Please see "How can I add a medley or a short sequence of songs when building a show" in the FAQ:

That explains how to add these groups of songs to a new set list.

To provide a visual cue, you can add pauses to your show to separate the groups. For example, you might have three continuous songs, then a pause, then three more songs, then a pause, etc.


Yes Arlo, I was already aware of this FAQ workaround. But it is not as comfortable or "visual" as I would like to have it. Because after adding the group of songs, they don´t appear as a group anymore. Plus I find adding a pause after each group a bit crude.
Maybe you could take my suggestions into your next "improvement poll".



I can add this to my wish list, but meanwhile I would encourage you to use the existing solution, even though it doesn't work exactly the way you imagined it could work.


i know this is an old thread, but i too usually have 2 or more songs that are typically back to back.

i just make a new Song with all the lyrics and whatever else all in the same Song file. since the Chords at the top could get very long like this, if i need chords, i'll typically put them in-line for this specific type of medley or song.

i still keep the individual songs too, but this one is just called Medley - Song1 Song2 Song3, or something similar.

to me, this seems like "the" solution for this without trying to get too technical in the app.


That seems like a good workaround, thanks for posting.


Hi Arlo,

Sorry to bump this old topic. But I've just send you a feature request that matches this topic.
I had a look at the last comment how to sort multiple songs (Medley - Song1, Medley - Song2, etc).
This seems to be a nice workaround. But can the feature request that I've send still be active? Maybe just in the "Nice to have/future to do" list :)



I'll respond to your feature request in the help desk.


With yesterday's app updates, you can now add a Link to your set list the same way you would add a Pause. A link is basically the opposite of a pause and makes a series of songs look connected -- they will have no borderline between them and will have a small arrow pointing from one song to the next.

If you want to move your linked songs (or any sequence of songs) together within a set list, from the set list's Edit Songs page, you can click the options button for the first song, select Move Multiple Songs, then select the last song, then select the song you want to move the songs after.