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MIDI: control my Nord Stage 3 -> iPad yes, Android not working

Started by christianjwagner, April 17, 2023, 09:43:33 AM

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I am using BandHelper to automatically select the Patches on my Nord Stage 3 upon changing songs in Bandhelper. With my iPad this was not an issue.
Now, I have purchased an Android Tablet (Lenovo Tab M10 Gen.3) as I wanted a simple solution just for stage (I am using my iPad for other topics, too ). with this tab, a MIDI send does not work, although the NS3 is detected as a port. I got a USB-OTG cable, and the settings (Midi channel etc) are identical on both devices.
Is there something I am missing? Do I Need to install third party MIDI enabling software? or does this just confirm the general opinion that iOS devices are basically more suitable for these applications, and I can throw my Android tab in the trash?


QuoteIs there something I am missing?

If you click the MIDI button in the top toolbar and look at the Activity Log, do you see your outgoing MIDI messages?

Are you triggering the Send MIDI function with a Song Selection layout action on your old device and didn't set that up on your new device?

QuoteDo I Need to install third party MIDI enabling software?


Quotedoes this just confirm the general opinion that iOS devices are basically more suitable for these applications...?

iOS has always had a lead in audio and MIDI, but most functions are also available on Android.


Hello Arlo,

First, I just got a tip from someone in the Nord Forum to switch on Developer Mode in Android. Did it, and could select MIDI as standard mode for USB. Still, no success with the MIDI Messages.
Yes, I can see Midi messages, and yes, the trigger to set the messages upon song selection is switched on (besides, you can do this manually when clicking midi in the Midi Presets, it doesn't work either).

Now, what I saw is that there is obviously an error (?) while setting up the virtual Port in BandHelper. No idea what that means or what I can do against it. see the Activity Log:

added port Clavia DMI AB Nord Stage 3 for input
sending data [B5, 00, 00, B5, 20, 00, C5, 03] to port Nord Stage 3 MIDI Input
adding ports for virtual MIDI
error adding port virtual MIDI - BandHelper for output
error adding port virtual MIDI - BandHelper for input

However: as connected Ports, "Clavia DMI Nord Stage 3 (input)" and " [...] (output)" are set above in the Midi status with the remark MIDI Running.

Any idea?


You can ignore the virtual ports unless you're trying to send MIDI between apps on the same device.

It looks like your Nord reports its name as "Nord Stage 3 MIDI Input" on iOS and you set your MIDI device to send to that port specifically, but it reports its name as "Clavia DMI AB Nord Stage 3" on Android. You would need to change the port in your MIDI device to the port name used on Android. Or change the port to All to avoid problems like this.


Thank you Arlo, you are an angel. Last question: Where would I need to change the Port (to "All"), you say
Quotein your MIDI device
Does this mean within the BandHelper App, or the Lenovo Tablet (?), or the Nord Stage 3 ?


In the BandHelper app, on the Repertoire > MIDI Devices page.


It f**ing worked! Arlo you are a genius and just made my day.
I did exactly what you said and changed the port to "all". Now it perfectly works and the programs are selected on my Nord Stage.
Have a great day and - by the way - congratulations for the most useful app I have ever come across.