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BUG: Lyrics get lost

Started by Fischermaen, April 28, 2016, 01:15:52 PM

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I have a serious problem with the bandhelper website. All my songs have shared lyrics. I can see them in the app on my tablet, even after synchronizing. But when I try to open the song on the website for edit, the lyrics are gone. If I then save the song, the lyrics are gone forever! The only workaround for that is to change a different field in the app on the tablet and sync it. After that I can open the song on the website for edit WITH the existing lyrics.


First, I doubt your lyrics are gone forever, because all edits can be rolled back.

Second, please submit a help ticket and include your account name and an example so I can look at your data:


I have experienced this problem as well. 
This is what I am doing when I experience the problem on the website.  I add a new song, copy lyrics into the shared lyrics section, and save the file.  In the Song Edit mode, "Lyrics" appears under the document heading. When on the Songs page, If you hover over the "document" icon when viewing your song nothing appears.  If you click on the icon, nothing comes up.  When I use the app on my android device or iPad and click on the "document" icon, the lyrics appear just fine.


That sounds like a different problem, but if you submit a help ticket and include your account name and an example, I can look into it: