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Yamaha moxf msb/lsb values.

Started by Gavanmuldoon, April 30, 2016, 06:33:07 PM

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For anyone looking to use the setlist maker app with the mentioned keyboard, these are values you need to use to access the performance bank ( layered,split and even individual sounds can be saved here - see Yamaha user guide for this procedure. ). As always the presets will usually have a saving location that starts at 1 but this value in the programme change section in setlist maker is 00 and so on. Hope this helps someone. It took me a while to get eveything configured but I have it running flawlessly. This is a great app and again cheers to arlo.

The screen grab bellow is for my "I got a feeling" patch which is assigned to bank one and location one on the keyboard. As you can see the programme change value is 00.

Cheers for reading and any help needed just post on here