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Please share with me your font size opinions for best scroll speed

Started by endoverend, September 25, 2016, 09:13:07 PM

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I have made my lyrics with very large font and small margins in word docx.
I'm not sure scroll is proper to the time of the songs, is there a mathematical equation that correlates to the font size?
And what ratio do you think I should try to use with big ol font? keep in mind not all songs have the same font size and a ratio is what I am ideally after here.
Thanks in advance!



BandHelper will set the scrolling speed based on the length of your lyrics. This means your font size will be taken into account automatically and you don't have to try to calculate what font size you should use. But for Word documents, BandHelper can't know how much of a page has lyrics on it and how much is empty, so it can only calculate the speed based on how many pages you have. So maybe you need to adjust your Word files so every page is filled with lyrics.


Is there a way to get he app to change the speed, I thought it "learned" scroll from user input, I am willing to manually adjust the scroll per song if I can.

to clarify: When using .docx files I need to change the documents contents in order to control the speed?


Adjusting the auto-scroll speed is explained here:

You don't need to change your document contents, but you will get more consistent results if your content fills the document pages. For example, a two-page document where the second page is only half full will mess up the automatic speed calculation and will probably require a manual override. It would be better to either condense the text to fit on one page, or expand it to fill both pages.