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Vertical separator positioning on a device with locked orientation (Android)

Started by pheldal, May 11, 2016, 02:13:52 AM

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New band-member, new tablet, new problem. 

A novice user reported that setlists appeared empty on his Lenovo Yoga TAB 3 10.1". Upon inspection I discovered that the vertical screen separator automatically aligns with the left side of the screen in portrait-mode, thus a "list-only" layout would produce an empty screen. A list+document layout would appear with the list off to the left, and thus invisible. The separator would remain in the left position going back to the menu, hiding the menu text. It is possible to move the vertical separator to the centre of the screen, but it will move off to the left again the next time a setlist is opened.

At this point I discovered that the device was locked in portrait position. Once I set orientation to "automatic" everything seem normal. Is there a reason for "locked portrait" to be handled different from "automatic portrait" ?

I have not observed similar behaviour on devices other than the mentioned Lenovo tablet, but my access to different models is limited. I need to collect more information about the tablet to file a ticket, or I could file a ticket and ask the owner of the tablet to add info to that ticket.

Is there anyone who have had similar experiences with other tablet models? If so, what model and which android-version?


I haven't heard about that. I would have to test or do some research to find out what info Android is giving to my app when the orientation is locked. FWIW, the next app version coming next month changes the way the set list view is displayed and will probably make this problem moot.