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2-up (side by side) document views?

Started by kmagic, December 22, 2015, 01:57:43 PM

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Is this a realistic option to add to BandHelper?  For example, if I have a PDF that is 5 pages long, I would like to be able to set a view that shows 2 pages side by side. An added bonus would be to be able to advance the 2-up views one page at a time or as a horizontal scroll.  Right now, I think only a vertical scroll is possible, correct?

I am asking now because with the new iPad Pro, it would be easier to see 2 pages at once.  :)  Thanks!


There would be a lot of issues involved with adding this, but it's on my wish list and I'll add a vote for you.


Hey kmagic! I have been wondering the same thing. So on a Mac I was able to:

1. open a PDF of some sheet music in Preview,
2. view 2 pages at once via the view menu drop down,
3. take a screen capture of the area I want, command + shirt +4, which saves it as a PNG,
4. open the PNG with Preview, export as a PDF, 1st clicking Advanced to change to landscape,
5. bring in to Bandhelper making sure you set Doc to Landscape

For more combine multiple pages into one file you would need a PDF software something like Acrobat. The resulting page (the way I did it) is kinda small even on an Ipad, I have attached a page for you to try out.

Lemme no what you think.



Thanks for the instructions. With some additional steps, you could also change a 5-page document into a 3-page document with a 2-up layout (the final half-page would be blank). Basically, you would take screen shots of each pair of pages, convert each pair to a PDF, then combine the PDFs into a single PDF in Preview. (No need for Acrobat.)

The display size would end up being the same if I implemented this feature into the app, so the only real downside is that you couldn't change from viewing pages 1-2 to pages 2-3; you would have to change to pages 3-4. Besides the time it takes to convert your files, of course.


Cool 8)  I hadn't found the inset pages function in Preview yet!


In the new app version released today, you can change the document viewer to show one or two columns. Combined with the document Fit to Height setting, this allows you to show two pages at a time. More info about the new version is here:,1785.0.html