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SLM 3.4.5 with iOS 9?

Started by Toepfe, May 20, 2016, 02:06:19 AM

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Dear all,

I still use version 3.4.5 of Set List Maker with my iPads 4 and iPhone 5s all with iOS 7.1.2. Version 3.4.5 does everything I need perfect and without crashes or other errors. For the lyrics/chord pages I use doc, pdf and rtf format. Now I'm wondering if it is possible to upgrade iOS to version 9.

Is there anyone out there who has experiences with this combination? I believe that there where known problems with SLM 3 and iOS 8, do they also exist in iOS 9?

For safety: No I don't like to upgrade SLM to version 4. My bandcollegue uses this version, is not really happy with it and also had crashes in the past, which is especially at live performances not so funny ;-)

Any information is welcome.



I've never tested this old version with iOS 9, but I assume the same incompatibilities in iOS 8 are still there. I wouldn't recommend updating your iOS version if you don't also update your app version, or vice versa.

Version 4.0 was released almost two years ago and has been updated 36 times, so it's unlikely you would have the same problem as a colleague who saw a crash at some point in the past. The best way to handle a crash is to submit a help desk ticket so I can find out what caused it.


I have iOS 9.2.1 working on an iPad mini 2 and SLM 4.2.11 which I use very very often. Up to today I NEVER had any crash.
I avoid updating the iOS every time the new version comes after I had email errors after updating from 8.4 to 9.0.
I am happy with the app and with Arlo's support.
Best regards from Germany


Hi everybody,

The last days I've tested SLM 3.4.5 on an iPad Air 2 with iOS 9.3.2. The only problem I face was opening rtf documents (empty white screen, open the same rtf docs in Dropbox is ok). All other processes I need are working good:

   - create/edit songs
   - edit show lists
   - upload/delete documents
   - show/scroll documents (Winword doc and pdf)
   - synchronization with my other Apple devices

At the moment I've about 350 songs, and 6 shows in my database.

The reason in the past why I changed from doc (Winword 97 - 2003) to rtf format was, that SLM 3.4.5 changes the style while showing doc documents (bigger font and therefore line breaks, very old docs created with Winword 97/2000/2003 are ok). The newer not working docs was created in Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 with doc format 97-2003. While my testing I found the cause. The problem only appears when I use font size 10 with Courier New (my favorite font, I made no testing with other fonts). With font size 9 or 11 the problem disappears and the formatting is ok. So I'm also happy that I still can use only doc format again for the future.

I will test this combination (SLM 3.4.5, iPad Air 2 with iOS 9.3.2)  on the show on Saturday. But it looks very good, so I may update also my other devices to iOS 9.3.2 without updating SLM. And of course I'm ready again to buy new Apple devices with newer iOS than 7.1.2 (at least 9.3.2 ;-)

@Tasten-Bert: I don't know exactly which versions (iOS/SLM)  my band colleague uses, I sometimes only hear him cursing between the songs ;-) But as far as I know he always updates at least SLM. I still remember the show where he first saw SLM 4. Because of the automatically configured updates he had to learn to handle SLM 4 at the soundcheck ;-)

@Arlo: I really appreciate your work, until now I haven't found any other App which is competitive to SLM 3, in my case also not version 4. But of course I only use a very, very small functional area of which SLM 4 meanwhile is able to cover. As long as I need no more functions and version 3 works good, I will stay on this version.