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Keystroke input mapping

Started by matthew_, June 08, 2016, 11:31:07 AM

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Hello, was wondering if it would be possible to include mapping for the x and y axis of mouse messages. Not necessarily for input from a mouse, but a custom footswitch that would allow the connection of a continuous controller.

I haven't even got so far as to decide the best use for such a thing, but maybe track volume, would be a start. If these could ultimately be mapped to MIDI, that would obviously open a whole world of options.

At any rate, still loving SLM, and getting ready to add a BeatBuddy to my setup, along with my VoiceLive 3. Hoping I can chain it all together and remain wireless to the iPad.



On iOS, there is no such thing as a mouse message. If you want to send continuous controller style messages, it would be easier to just do that with MIDI directly. Set List Maker currently doesn't support any continuous controller input because it doesn't have any functions that would make sense to use with that. (You can nudge the volume up and down with single MIDI messages.) Feel free to post again if you think of a specific idea of how you might use this.


Okay, that makes sense. I kind of figured "straight" MIDI would make more sense. Just been looking at the BlueFruit EZ-Key and it seems so much easier than an actual midi controller. Also noticed that it would also send the mouse movements and wondered if that could be utilized. It's great that SLM is so flexible with keyboard input as it is.

I do have a BlueFoot I'm using now, but it's not very flexible regarding MIDI. There again, SLM can go a long way in making that more useful.

Thanks for all your efforts!