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"count in" to introduce the backing track

Started by dbough20, April 08, 2016, 02:44:02 AM

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Is there a "count in" feature to allow allow me to synch with my backing track ?

Update:  Looks like "Downbeat" is my answer - but still looking for instruction on how to activate downbeat.

I have an original Backing track loaded in "recordings".  How do I hear a downbeat count  before it plays ?

Thank you


One way would be to record an automation track that starts the built-in tempo function, then starts the recording after one or two bars:

Another way would be to set Settings > Tempo & Pitch > Auto-Stop Bars to 1 or 2, then add empty space to the start of your recordings equal to the length of those bars, then start the tempo and the recording together.

Assuming you want your tempo to only come through headphones, you would also need to set up multi-route audio output:


Thank You for quick reply
I reviewed both responses
Bought the Automation app upgrade - and will review further.
Maybe I just need to learn how to activate the "Downbeat" function ?

I am in settings>Tempo & Pitch > And I see Downbeat Sound & Volume,  etc... but how do I activate it ?


Update -

I now have metronome icon next to each song in my "show"
It it worked a few times  with flash and beat ( high hat )

But now the App just closes whenever i hit the Metronome Icon 

please advise -


The downbeat function plays a separate sound on the downbeat of each measure. It does not play a count-in.

If you have a crash, please submit a help ticket here:


If your backing track is MIDI, you can have Sweet MIDI Player produce a Count-in sound before starting playback. If your backing track is audio then you are a bit out of luck ... (i have to figure out of to have the bpm sync in between Bandhelper and Sweet MIDI .. I haven't really look into it yet)

I too would appreciate a count-in feature that could be used at the song level .. something along the line of the count-in feature offered in the Guitar Pro iOS app would be very nice .. it can be silent or visual only


The two methods I suggested would both work with either audio or MIDI recordings.



As my backing tracks are not MIDI, the solution I am going with is to add a 4 best "count-in" to the actual backing track before importing to SLM.  As the count-in can be heard by the audience ( as I have not thought through how to have such a click track just come through monitors and not the PA system ) I am just varying the sound of the count-in.  a Tom for upbeat tunes, and high hats for some , bells for others.  Seems to work.
SLM 101 perhaps, but it's working for me.
screen shot of what I did in Garage Band attached.

Any other observations/recommendations appreciated.


If you don't need your backing tracks to be stereo, you could put the click on one side and the music on the other and split the signal to the house versus the monitors.

On the other hand, this is purely my opinion, but hearing the count-in through the PA might seem more natural and "live" than following a hidden cue.