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Calendar Sharing Options

Started by arlo, November 20, 2015, 02:13:00 PM

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I've just released two new options for sharing your calendar.

If you use an iCalendar-compatible system like Apple Calendar on a Mac or iOS device, Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar, you can now display all your BandHelper events on that calendar. This allows you to see personal, work and band events all in the same place:

And if you manage a band website, you can now display selected BandHelper events on your site. This avoids the need to copy and paste event info onto your site to keep it up to date. Just enter events into BandHelper and they will appear on your site automatically:

Currently the web widget only displays the event name, date/time and address, but I will soon be adding custom fields to events and then you could add custom fields for things like ticket price, age restriction, etc.


I love this functionality. Sharing events on a band website is great if you just work with one band. So my first enhancement request would be the ability to filter dates by project, so that we can have different views for different band websites.


The calendar feeds are filtered by project. Depending on what project you are viewing in the web interface, you will get a different widget code on the Settings > Schedule Sharing page specific to that project.


Oops, I had not noticed that. Thanks for the clarification.