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Question about Importing Songs and Documents from Set List Maker

Started by Rvandersteen, June 15, 2016, 08:18:49 PM

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I've been happily using Set List Maker for years and I love it! My band is recently looking to make the transition to using BandHelper and are in the midst of our 30 day trial.

I have a best practice question that I've encountered that I'm hoping someone else may have already stumbled through:

I've imported my songs (*.plist file via Set List Maker Export) to Bandhelper. I've also imported a *.zip file of my documents. For the most part, things look good. Most of the documents are linked back up to their respective songs. More importantly, the annotations seem to mostly be intact (Hooray!).

My question lies around the fact that the bass player in our band also uses Set List Maker and needs to upload his documents/songs. I know that if I upload his songs we'll have a bunch of duplicates. But I also know that the name of our songs don't match exactly (ie "I'm a Believer" vs  just "Believer"), so I don't think if he imports his documents, they will auto link to the correct existing songs.

What's the best/easiest way to merge these two separate Set List Maker databases into our single Bandhelper account?

Thanks in advance for your help!


You are right that if you import his Set List Maker database, you will end up with duplicates, so I wouldn't recommend that. If you were syncing your databases, then you should only need to import one. If you were not syncing your databases but they are mostly the same, I would recommend using the one you've already imported and making any changes needed to accommodate your bandmate.

With the documents specifically, if you want to add a second document for your bandmate to some songs, you will probably need to attach them one at a time to the desired songs. The batch upload would be difficult because if the document names don't match an existing document or song name, they won't be imported; and if they match an existing document name, they will replace that document. So the batch import would only work in your situation if the new documents match the existing song names but do not match existing document names.


Makes sense. Thanks for the quick reply!

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One follow up question... What is the logic that is used to match a document in an import, to a song? I was testing this out with a song called "Joy to the world". I imported two separate zip files of documents. In zip file #1, I had a document called "Joy to the world". This document auto linked to the matching song after the import. In zip file #2, I had a document called "Joy to the world - Bass". I was surprised to find out that this document also got linked to the song after the import, despite the document name not exactly matching the song name!

Is the document/song linking logic just looking to see if the document name contains the string that matches the full song name (i.e. "Joy to the world)?



It's a match of the song name is the same as, or the first part of, the document name. This allows you to match a series of documents to the same song, like "Joy to the World - Bass," "Joy to the World - Keys," "Joy to the World - Horns," etc.