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Can Existing Documents Be Applied to a Song?

Started by tonygardner, June 17, 2016, 12:46:27 PM

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Hello Again!
I am continuing down the path of understanding how to add documents to my songs.

Back in "the good ol' days" I went to Documents, imported a PDF from Dropbox, then created a Document, which I could then add to any song.
Now we no longer create documents, we just import the PDF from Dropbox and add it to the song. I"m quite certain that this was done to make the process easier.,1149.msg4123.html#msg4123

I will be honest and say that this change made my life very difficult mostly because for whatever reason, the process of actually getting the imported document to "stick" to the song was tenuous at best. I often have to re-import 2 or 3 times before it finally sticks. This leaves behind a bunch of strange numbered documents that show up when I go to import, and it is growing. A way to purge "dead" documents from all the failed attempts would be awesome.

Regardless, it just makes sense to me that if I've already imported a song, and it is successfully stored in my account, shouldn't I be able to place that document in another song without having to re-import it? That is, once it's been used, it is removed from the list (whether or not the end result was successful).

So why would I want to add the same document to more than one song? Think of it this way -- what if the document was not specific to a given song, but something that might be applicable to a bunch of songs, such as chord diagrams, a list of my favorite keyboard patch numbers, or a page full of good jokes to use when the drummer is messing with his hi-hat pedal? Well, hopefully that makes sense.

As always, I am grateful for BandHelper, and without a doubt use it (and depend on it) every day.

Tony G.


If you have problems uploading documents, it would be best to submit a help ticket here:

I'm not sure what you're looking at when you mention "strange numbered documents that show up when I go to import." A more detailed description or screen shot would help with that. You might be referring to the fact that when the BandHelper app downloads a document for a song, it appends an ID number to the local filename to avoid conflicts between documents of the same name attached to different songs.

There is currently no way to attach the same copy of a document to multiple songs. This is the trade-off for making the document attachment process simpler. If you want to attach the same document to multiple songs, you will have to add it separately to each song. Another approach that might be better in some situations (e.g., your list of jokes) would be to create one song and attach that document and put that song in every show and then select that song when you need it.