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Roll back?

Started by Duffage, June 30, 2016, 10:58:25 AM

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I just accidentally updated my Setlist Maker to 5.0, and while I believe it has many improvements, I need to rollback to my previous version until I can learn and understand the new features of the update. (Time is not on my side this weekend.)
Is there a way to do this?



Rolling back app versions on iOS is not supported and not straightforward, but a brief guide is in this forum post:,475.msg919.html#msg919

You can also watch this video for a walkthrough of the most significant changes:


Thanks Arlo.

It's going to be easier to adapt 5.0 then it would be to revert back, me thinks.

Your video was quite explanatory but some screenshots were of Bandhelper which added to my confusion. I will most likely find the layout I like.



hi guys

my pad was backed up yesterday to my new  laptop, and i updated to slm latest version a few days ago on my pad , however in laptop  itunes it suggests my slm is 4.2.2 and needs updating, which i will not do  for now.

I have just deleted everything on my pad and its in factory state because even with 12 gig of free space i tunes told me there was not enough space to allow a restore,so  i have found an old laptop with a backup from june this year and i am hoping that this will return slm to  normality, however i would like the restore thats on my new laptop as it includes all my latest music, and time is not on my side with gigs and other duties, so whats the best thing to do ?

old restore or new restore