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Started by Krystofur, July 06, 2016, 05:16:01 PM

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I have 2 iPads synced to the same computer and iTunes account that share a SLM database. iPad1 is my main performance iPad. ipad 2 is my backup iPad. The same playlists are synced to both iPads in iTunes so the songs on each iPad are identical.

this worked fine until "the update"

When I add recordings to songs in the database of iPad1 they only show up as grey speaker icons on iPad 2 using the same database. When I try to update the songs on iPad 2 - by erasing the recording and then selecting the same recording on iPad 2 then the speaker icon on iPad 1 goes grey. If I remove the recording only from iPad 2 it then removes it from iPad 1. And vice versa. This was not a problem previously. I fear there is a bug or the database is corrupted.

All iPads and iTunes are up to date. I've tried deleting the database from iPad 2 and resyncing - and that doesn't help. I've even tried unsyncing the iTunes playlists and resyncing. With shows coming up this weekend I may just have to disable syncing recordings for now and manage recordings manually for each iPad separately for now?

If I then delete the database from both later on - how does the corrupted database get removed on your end so I just don't keep using the same corrupt one (if that's the case)? The name of the database is the name of the band - so I would hate to not be able to continue using it!

I use multiple databases with these iPads and it seems to only be affecting this one database right now. However, I haven't done much with the others since the update since I don't have any shows coming up with those bands. But the idea of losing all the database content (notes, lyrics and others) would really really suck if that's the case!

Any ideas?



One other layouts also are not showing up on iPad 2 created on iPad 1.

Is that supposed to be that way? Shows update fine. Documents and lyrics update fine.

But the recordings and layouts aren't really working out so well.


I'm not aware of any changes to the way recordings are linked or the recording links are synced. To troubleshoot this, please submit a help ticket describing a specific example of the problem, then tap Help > Send Troubleshooting Info and enter the assigned ticket ID:

Layouts are not synced across devices in Set List Maker. You can manually export layouts from the Edit Details page for the layout, and import it onto another device from the import button at the top of the Layouts list.


Ah. I see. Email it out and attach it to the other device via cloud/etc.

Ok. Cool.