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Android - layout opens START instead of song-list or 1st song in setlist

Started by pheldal, July 01, 2016, 08:41:36 AM

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Trying to follow the video-tutorial to create a layout with a hidden song-list I end up with a layout that opens with an empty entry called START. None of the buttons in the layout are visible so i have to swipe to the first or last song to be able to access the list. How do I make it either open the first song in the setlist or start with the song-list as the example in the video. I see configurable actions on song-selection and end of song, but is there a way to specify what should happen when the setlist is opened (open first song or display list)? Btw, as I keep investigating while writing this I notice that the song-list and the songlist-button appear if I hit the sync-icon on the top of the screen, so it seems like the layout initialisation doesn't complete properly on its own.

Possibly related: I see old fullscreen-layouts opening the first song in a setlist, but with an empty document-frame. One has to swipe next/previous to get lyrics, but the lyrics from the first song appear when I swipe back (ticket 10878) .


Regarding the set list initially opening with an empty START page, this is what happens if your layout includes song selection actions. This allows you to open the set list, but not start any of the song selection actions until you move to the first song.

Regarding the song list or lyrics not appearing initially, I can check that if you submit a help ticket and then send your troubleshooting info for that ticket:


I've added ticket 10883 for this issue. For anyone reading this I should also mention that the list of songs is displayed initially when the "hide songlist" option is deselected in layout preference. That leaves the list floating on top of everything when a song is selected so it isn't exactly useful. Also note that the initial title displayed before a song is selected in this case is the name of the first song in the list.

In essence:

Hide songlist off-> Initial (static) songlist displayed. Initial song-title=name of first song in list

Hide songlist on-> No initial songlist. Initial song-title=START


I just submitted an update that should show the song list on the initial view. This should be available for download within a few hours:


The update fixes the reported problem, but will require the user to create new layouts. The vertical size of layouts has changed, at least on the devices I've tried so far. Old layouts are thus rejected (not available for selection) when you choose a set setlist.