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Moving from Bandhelper to SLM

Started by Odi, August 18, 2016, 11:44:24 PM

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i've tried SLM for a view days now and started a Bandhelper Trial.
This peace of Software is Amazing!!

I like to start a subscription but want to know if i can fallback to SLM.
As live moves on it could be that i like to take a break on my musical "career".
In that Case i would like to have my work saved for the Future without the need of a subscription.

Keep up the good work


You can't migrate data from BandHelper to Set List Maker. You can export your songs, events, contacts or finance transactions from BandHelper as a simple tab-delimited text file at any time. When you stop paying your BandHelper subscription, all the downloaded data remains on your devices indefinitely, but you do lose access to the web interface and syncing between devices stops.