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Play midi file with audio playback (Advanced audio)

Started by 80sMan, August 28, 2016, 02:57:28 PM

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Hi there Arlo,
Been using the setlist maker app for few years now.
Would there or has there been any request to add the functionality to have SLM play a midi file as well as 2 stereo audio tracks to multiple output channels? I understand you can program presets however I'm wanting to use a full format 1 midi track to trigger lighting scenes using Enttec DMXIS. The midi and audio tracks are synced together as the audio and midi track Had been created with Cubase so all works in the DAW. Able to do?

Cheers 8)


Yes, this has been requested and is on my wish list. Currently the best way I know to play standard MIDI files is to connect Set List Maker to Sweet MIDI Player as shown here:,933.msg2834.html

But if you want to sync MIDI tracks with audio tracks, then you should look into playing your existing sequences from Cubase and controlling its song selection and playback from Set List Maker.


Thanks for the reply Arlo,
I don't want to be locked to cubase as I use Abelton live in session view for live playback. Although I currently use SM to trigger Abelton Live (midi remote) to start each song my request is to have SM be used as a back up system, playing the 2 X stereo tracks as Well as a SMF midi file.
The midi option is to playback a standard SMF midi file. In addition the midi metadata containing tempo and meter need to be taken into account to be able to sync with audio.




Are you saying you can already do what you need to do using Ableton? If so, I recommend continuing to do that. Ableton is a 15-year old product with 200 people working on it, so it wouldn't be smart for me to try to replace that.


Thanks for the feedback.
I understand the difficulty with getting playback of audio and midi together. I remain to use Ablelton live  however the idea of playing a basic audio 2 x stereo tracks and midi was ONLY for a backup regime for the day computer breaks down halfway through a show.
Always have a plan B.
Setlistmaker to be  my plan B :-X


I'm now working on a function to play standard MIDI files, sending out all the MIDI commands in a file in real time. This wouldn't actively sync with an audio recording, but you could start the SMF file at the same time as you start the recording and let them play together. This wouldn't be as robust as something like Ableton, but it might be good enough.

At this point I'm trying to decide how exactly to add this to the app interface. Would you always play the MIDI file in conjunction with an audio file? In that case, I could hook it into the existing recording functionality, and then pausing or scrubbing the recording would pause or scrub the MIDI, too. But if you'd ever want to run an SMF file without corresponding audio, that would be an awkward setup.

Also, would you ever want to generate sound AND trigger lighting/effects/etc commands from a MIDI file, or would you always use real audio and only use the MIDI file for triggering commands?


My 2 cents: I would always play a separate Recording (backing track) starting as close to the same instant as the MIDI file as possible.  The MIDI would contain patch changes (for various fx, guitar fx, etc.) at the right time relative to the audio backing track, plus control a lighting system.  I doubt I would drive actual audio with the MIDI (all that being in the Recording nowadays).

And this capability would be absolutely fantastic, thanks!!



In the new app version released today, you can attach an SMF file (.mid) to a recording and then it will play in sync with that recording. Details are in "To sync a Standard MIDI File with a recording" on the Sending MIDI page: