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All events from 3 combos in one calendar

Started by Rick, August 29, 2016, 09:37:23 PM

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I have my band, trio and solo/duo set up seperately in BandHelper.
would it be possible to show all events from all 3 combos in one calendar?


When you add an event, you could assign it to all three projects, then it will appear on the calendar while viewing any  of the projects. However, then the members of one band would see the events for the other two bands. Depending on your situation, it might be sufficient to manage that by using a separate event category for each band and color-coding the categories.

If you need a combined view of your projects that only you see, you could link your BandHelper project calendars to an iCal-compatible calendar app and view all the projects at once there:

Figuring out a reasonable way to display data for multiple projects at the same time within BandHelper is on my to do list.


I also use the iCal and can see all of them at once, but have to change apps. Thank you for a great app and also that this is on the to do list!


Yesterday's big release adds an Include All Projects filter to the Schedule > Events page. If you belong to multiple projects, this will show all your events from all your projects together in the Events list or the calendar. Like all the list filters, this filter will remain turned on until you turn it off, so you can leave it on indefinitely if you prefer to always see a combined event view.

All the new changes are listed here: