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Characters misaligned in documents

Started by billrow, August 31, 2016, 11:53:47 AM

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I am having a problem with alignment of characters in documents that I import to SLM. I am creating Word documents, using Courier font. Docs look fine in Word, both on the PC and on iPad when viewing in Dropbox. But when I import to SLM, characters are misaligned. It seems to have to do with lines that have leading spaces, as if it is ignoring one of the spaces, and shifting characters to the left. Also sometimes a blank line is showing up that shouldn't be there. The attachment shows how an original file looks, and how it appears in SLM. Has anyone experienced this, and have any suggestions? I tried saving files in the old Word ".doc" format, rather than ".docx", but that doesn't help.


Your best bet would be to export your Word files as PDFs and use those in Set List Maker. PDF is a more universal and reliable format. But if you want to use Word files directly, you can post an example and I can check it for formatting inconsistencies.