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Bugs in Latest Version

Started by arlo, August 14, 2016, 10:07:48 AM

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BandHelper 2.0.6 and Set List Maker 5.0.6, submitted on Thursday and released by Apple on Saturday, contain a few bugs stemming from one mistake in the code:

- When tapping the lyrics button in the Songs list, or from a list-only layout, the lyrics display is blank. As a workaround for list-only layouts, you can edit your layout details and turn on the Open Full-Screen Document or Lyrics song selection action, then tap the song title to open the lyrics. Alternatively, you can use a different layout.

- When playing a recording, tapping the recording button again restarts the recording instead of pausing it. There is no workaround for this, but if you navigate away from the current page, the playback will stop.

- When playing a tempo with Settings > Tempo & Pitch > Background Flash turned on, no visual tempo indication will appear. As a workaround, you can turn this setting off and then the tempo button will flash.

I have just submitted fixes for these bugs in BandHelper 3.0.7 and Set List Maker 5.0.7. Lately it has taken Apple 48 hours to release my submissions. I requested expedited reviews for these updates, but Apple has never granted this to me in the past.

I apologize for the inconvenience. If you need help with the workarounds, you can post here or submit a help ticket:


Apple granted an expedited review, so the bug fixes should be available now!