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Full Screen Document Viewer on Android

Started by Mandy, July 30, 2016, 05:32:52 PM

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Hi Arlo,
When I double tap a document to view it in full-screen, I've noticed that "full-screen" doesn't actually cover the entirety of the screen. If I attempt to zoom in on my document to fill the screen, there is a white zone on the top and bottom of the screen that my document is hidden behind. I'm just wondering if this is something that can't be overcome, due to the differing shape and sizes of Android devices, or if there's any way it can be changed so that a portion of my screen isn't rendered useless.


Can you post a screen shot showing the problem?

Does the document full the screen when you double-tap it, but then the problem appears when you pinch-zoom it?


Thanks for your reply, Arlo. I forgot to check "notify me of replies," so I didn't see this until now.
I've attached a screenshot of a PDF file that has a yellow background so you can see the issue I'm encountering. This is the default "zoom" that has been saved to this PDF file. When I double tap to open full screen, it defaults to the zoom position that I've saved when I'm using a split view. This means, the bottom of the PDF file gets cut off by the white "dead zone" areas.
It appears to me that Bandhelper sees "full screen" as only being a certain portion of the screen. When I pinch the document open, it will still only expand to fill the designated area that the program has determined as being the "full screen." My question was whether or not you could adjust your "full screen" view to actually be the size of my actual screen, or if this is a limitation due to the fact that Android devices come in all shapes and sizes. 


If the aspect ratio of your screen is taller than the aspect ratio of your document, then you will see unused space above and below the document. This isn't a limitation of the app, but of the fact that documents have pages and pages have specific sizes that differ from your screen size. If the document were sized to fit the full height of the screen, then some of the width of the document would have to be cut off, so the app doesn't do that.

If you use the built-in Lyrics field in the app, lyrics don't have pages and the full-screen display will fill the screen regardless of the screen size.