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Can't import a simple PDF into BandHelper

Started by coffee_king, September 08, 2016, 01:08:16 AM

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So I've signed up for Band Helper and online I'm trying to import a PDF, but it keeps saying it should be a TXT file.
I dont want to upload a TXT file, I want to upload a PDF as Ive stated below and everyone says I can do.

Band Helper>Repertoire>Songs>Batch Import

All I want to do is import all of my PDF notes (Chords/Lyrics) for various songs

Any help?


Repertoire > Songs > Batch Import is for importing songs, not documents. You can batch import documents from Repertoire > Documents > Batch Import. However, you will need to create songs first. More info is here:

The section about batch importing is about halfway down the page.


I want the PDF to be the song. The PDF is my song notes with lyrics and chords.
I dont want to have to "Create a song" for each PDF I import.
All I want to be able to do is SIMPLY upload a PDF and be able to view it (With scrolling functions) straight away on the iPad.

Does Set List Helper do this better?



Sorry, you have to have a song to attach your document to. BandHelper is more than just a document viewer. Set List Maker works the same way. (Set List Helper is a different product from a different developer.)

I would recommend the Getting Started tutorial to understand the structure of the app:

Also, this page explains the terminology:


Sorry that should have read Set List MAKER, not "Helper"

Moon Dog

I work for a software company where you have to create a document and then import a document and attach it. Seems crazy but this is very common in the software industry.

Think of the Song in BH as a container. What do you put in the container? Well your pdf for one, how about some midi presets, Notes, backing tracks, etc....

Your song container keeps all these files organized together and thats how your system know to associate the information.

Hope that helps.