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Chords color/colour for light/dark background.

Started by JerryK, October 03, 2019, 09:31:13 AM

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I think there's currently no way:
Lyrics are automatically, by default, white on a dark theme or black on a light theme and on paper.
Chords need to be a different color, to be most easily processed under pressure, so I/we use Yellow.  It stands out well and is least confusing when trying to read lyrics.
Unfortunately, yellow is really poor on a light/white background and therefore on paper.
Unless I've missed something, is there a chance of having two choices for chord colour, please?  One for each theme, where light theme also equals paper.  That would save a fair amount of 'Appearance' swapping when printing songs for fossils with no tablet.


The website already uses a darker yellow than the app for on-screen or print. Maybe it needs to be darker still.

Meanwhile, if you want to avoid changing the Chords Color setting whenever you print, I'd suggest trying another color like Orange that works better in both settings.



With yesterday's update, several of the colors are adjusted for better contrast, and new pink and brown colors are added.

All the new changes are listed here:


Thanks, I'll review the results when I get a chance.

I had imagined something like: Purple on white becoming pink or magenta when on black; and yellow on black becoming brown when on white, as brown is not useful on black.  This is only a half-baked idea, not fully-fledged and tested.

I had begun a testing process (attached) but rather ran out of steam and time.

Cheers for the update, it will probably help.


My approach was to adjust the colors so they were visible on light or dark backgrounds. The attached file shows what I came up with.