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Merging databases on one device

Started by Daddyg, October 01, 2016, 01:04:37 PM

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I'm in need of merging two databases on one iPad, not between seperate devices. I've spent some time searching & reading and haven't found any direct way to accomplish this.  I did see that one could setup a blank database, then sync to fill that database, but don't see how one could sync with two databases to accomplish this.  Did I miss something?  Is there a way to accomplish this, vs. doing it one song at a time?

Any help appreciated.


Sorry, there's no way to merge two databases together. You can copy songs one at a time, or if you have enough songs to make it worthwhile, you can set up an import file for one set of songs and import that into the other database.

If you switch to BandHelper, you can import two Set List Maker databases into the same account...