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Song List won't save Detail Settings (iPhone 6s Plus, iOS 10.1 PB 2)

Started by chris@katsukurimedia, October 07, 2016, 05:44:52 PM

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Gig tonight. Making a new layout.

Add Song List element, change Size %s and add artist, remove duration, rearrange. Exit the details editor, and for a split second my changes appear, then they go away and I'm returned back to default settings. Exit the Layout editor and sometimes the elements don't even save at all.

iPhone 6s Plus. I doubt that this is caused by 10.1 PB2. I have to try this on my iPad, where it hopefully works. Anyone else confirm? Latest BH installed. Thanks!


I see that; I'll put that on my to do list for the next update.

Meanwhile, you could try editing your phone's layout from your iPad and then the layout changes should sync to the phone.


I just submitted an app version that should fix this. It typically takes a couple of days before Apple approves the release and you can install it: