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Changing midi presets crashing app on ios 10.1.1

Started by LawsonPuffer, November 11, 2016, 03:59:34 AM

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I have set up midi presets to send program changes to my Korg X50, and at some point add my DigiTech S100. The bandhelper app will randomly crash when changing presets. It doesn't appear to be any specific preset.


Your subject line implies this problem began with iOS 10.1.1. Were you using this with no problems before?


I was using it before with no issues on older versions of iOS. I just ordered a new midi controller in the hopes that it might help.


If you submit a help ticket and send your troubleshooting info to that ticket, I can try to reproduce the problem with the same settings and data:

Awash (drums)

Hi LowsomePuffer,

I have a question about how you use the metronome. Do you use it wired or via WIFI oh Bluetooth? And is there latency between the different diveces?