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editing songs during rehearsals

Started by Bibo69, November 16, 2016, 04:56:14 AM

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one thing I find extremely difficult during rehearsals using my iPad is to switch between playing a song (where I appreciate using my customized layout with autoscroll, notes etc. on it) and editing a song (f.ex. if we change chords, structure, text or tabs while practicing).

Currently I am going all the way back from the layout > layouts menu > setlist menu > repertoire and again forth to songs > select song > scroll down to the respective area (let's say "personal chords") - that's 6 steps to edit and again 6 steps back to playing the song with the band. Considering the fact that editing itself is not very comfortable on the iPad, it is taking too much time during the rehearsal.

I am sure that someone out there has the same challenge, so could you please share how you are addressing this issue? Maybe I am overlooking a feature of the app or there is a better way to achieve the same? Finally, maybe it's a feature request? ;-)



When viewing a set list, the bottom toolbar has an edit button (pencil icon) at the left end that you can use to edit a song without leaving the set list.

If you don't have a bottom toolbar in your layout, you can edit your layout and select a field for any of the placeholders in the toolbar; then the toolbar and edit button will appear when viewing the layout.


Don't forget to disable your Bluetooth pageturner pedal.  Tablets recognize them as keyboard devices, so you won't be able to use a separate keyboard or virtual keyboard until you disable your pedal.  If you edit a lot during rehearsals, see if you have a feature on your Bluetooth pageturner to temporarily take it offline for your edit session.  The higher end ones typically have such a feature.