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Coda Bluetooth Page Turner

Started by arlo, November 21, 2016, 05:01:05 PM

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The folks at Coda Music Technologies just sent me their new Bluetooth Page Turner to test with my apps, and it works great.

The concept is the same as other Bluetooth foot switches; you can pair it with your iOS or Android device through the device's Settings app, then go to Settings > Remote Control in BandHelper or Set List Maker to map incoming messages to app actions. But Coda makes the setup a little easier by putting a button for each possible set of messages right on the front of the unit, so instead of figuring out what messages your foot switch is sending, and configuring it for different messages if needed, you can just press one of the buttons. My apps support the left/right or up/down arrow messages (buttons 2 or 3). The Coda also includes a key repeat switch on the front of the unit, which you can turn on to scroll continuously through a document by holding a foot switch.

The hardware itself is similar to other two-switch units. It's a bit larger than the AirTurn PED or IK Multimedia BlueTurn, but I prefer a larger size for something I need to find with my feet. The switches themselves are unique: instead of a mechanical or touch-sensitive surface, the Coda uses a flexible, U-shaped piece of plastic that compresses when you step on it. It's silent, but gives good feedback to let you know you're stepping in the right place. The entire unit is made of plastic, but has some heft to it, and feels durable and well made.

The on-screen keyboard is suppressed by default when the foot switch is connected. If you need to edit your data, you can press both switches to enable the keyboard.

One modification I can suggest is taping a piece of paper over the main LED, which flashes brightly every two seconds and might be distracting. This will still allow you to see its color, which changes to show the battery status.

You can order from Amazon here:


This looks almost identical to the Strich Music BT-FP2 that is sold i Europe. I can't know for sure that the pedals are identical, but it looks like the same design with different branding.


Good observation. Coda says, "the construction is identical but there are some differences in firmware."