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Click Track for Two?

Started by BMKDrums, November 28, 2016, 04:45:42 PM

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I've been using SetListMaker as a click track with great success.  Another band mate has just installed SLM in his phone and has sync'd my/our data.  Is it possible for him to see hear/the data and Click Track that I'm running on my phone simultaneously on his phone?

Thanks in advance!


The device linking functionality is not fast enough to sync a metronome click. If you want to share the visual click, you would need to connect an external display to your phone; if you want to share the aural click, you would need to connect a headphone mixer or in-ear monitoring system to your phone.

Awash (drums)

Haha, what a joke. Wanted to ask the same question. Thanks Arlo for your clear answer.