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Feature request: Use the camera to take photos

Started by Jeff, February 26, 2015, 10:11:32 AM

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It is awesome that SLM maker allows you to combine photos of multiple sheet music into pages acting like a single doc in the app (thanks!). Note: I'm using iOS.

However, every time we want to add them, we have to exit the program, take the photos of all the docs, then come back into the app, add them in one-by-one, then go back to the photos app on the device and delete them to clean up the camera roll.  It would be awesome if you could access the camera directly from SLM in the documents area as an option and take the photos there of the music sheets. Any chance this could be possible?



In the new app versions I submitted to the App Store today, you can edit a song, tap Add Documents, tap the Photos button and then tap Camera to photograph a piece of sheet music and attach it to the song. If your sheet music is multiple pages, there's no way to combine multiple photographs into a single, multi-page document in the app, but you can attach multiple photos to a song and then switch between them with the document switching rather than the page changing functions.

Apple should release this within a few days.

The complete list of changes is here: