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New Default Layout Names

Started by arlo, January 05, 2017, 11:19:46 AM

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In the new app versions released this week, I've renamed the default layouts that are created when you start a new account or install on a new device. This will hopefully make it easier to understand what the layouts are for and which one you want to use:

   Song Only -> Big Lyrics
   List Only ->  Big Set List
   Split View -> Split View
   Practice -> More Controls
   Dashboard -> Song Info

This won't automatically affect your existing layouts. But if you like the new names better, or want to be consistent with what new users will see, you can switch to the new names by clicking Help > Utilities > Rename Default Layouts.


I was trying to download the iOS app but it seems to have been removed from App Store...
Will it soon be available again?


I had to take the iOS apps down temporarily because of a compatibility issue with older devices. They'll be available again whenever Apple approves my changes, hopefully later today.