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" calculate auto scroll duration" and " recalculate speed if overwritten"

Started by Danny, January 08, 2017, 02:02:40 AM

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Hi guys

I occasionally add lyrics to a song in order to bluff my way through at a gig, I find that most times the automatic setting for lyric scrolling works perfect, however I have added lyrics for a song today to a song and have toggled the two options contained in the subject of this thread.

So the song plays fine but the lyric is scrolling too fast, I have tried retarding the speed by swiping the line of the song back in to view but it does not seem to control the speed like I thought the "recalculate speed " option would.

Can someone explain if I'm using this feature correctly, I'm in list view view only




Does the explanation here help?

It sounds like you should change "Calculate..." to Manual and then enter a longer auto-scroll duration for this song.


Thanks Arlo

I will check it out, sorry for the late  response didn't get a notification you had replied.