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Documents on Android

Started by itzabo, August 14, 2016, 02:45:57 PM

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On my ASUS K10, Android 4.4.2 Tablet I'm not able to view the documents
attached to songs. On my Ipad they work fine.
I tried both Text and Docx files.

Am I missing a setting somewhere?
The icon is sort of greyed out.



Sorry, the Android version can only view PDF documents.



In the new app versions I submitted to the app stores today, you can attach a .txt file to a song and it will display as if its contents had been pasted into the Lyrics field, with the same resizing, transposing and chord coloring functionality. However, as with PDF files, you cannot edit the file's text within the app.

The Android version should be available later today and the iOS version in a few days.

The complete list of changes is here:


This new feature supporting (user specific) txt files which behave like the content in the lyrics field (esp. transposing) helps a lot!!!
It "solves" the issue,1123.msg4864.html offering the possibility that users have specific offsets in their individual txt files.

Thank you very much.

Please activate this feature also in iOS (and please support the Apostroph character ' in this text file view)


The text file rendering feature is available in both iOS and Android.

I'm not aware of any problems with apostrophes. It would be best to start a new thread or submit a help ticket if you see a problem: