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Suggestion - Send automation re-start instruction

Started by JerryK, January 25, 2017, 06:25:28 AM

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I don't have time to press Start between count-in from the drummer and starting to play my instrument, so I use auto-start on song selection, driven from the drummer's shared song selection event.  This is often ok but if the front-man talks for too long, the drummer will stop and re-start his song but his BH doesn't send that event, so my BH is now ahead of his.
I don't want my BH to track hos song position throughout because that makes the display very jumpy and un-smooth.
If possible, I'd like to receive his stop-restart events.
If this is impractical, I guess I can ask him to re-select the song.



Yes, I was.  Now following drummer and using iRig BlueBoard so the problem has gone away