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Android Local Copies of MP3s

Started by RLEJr, January 30, 2017, 02:00:24 PM

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We use backing tracks when we gig to cover for missing players or add special effects. Our drummer needs to trigger the tracks from his Android running Bandhelper. He has a special purpose userID in Bandhelper with the correct backing tracks associated to that userID. Works great, except in between every practice or gig the backing track MP3s disappear from his tablet and they have to be downloaded again. I assume this has something to do with the /storage/emulated/0 virtual file quirk on the Androids.

How can we freakin' get these mp3s on his Android permanently where Bandhelper will see and acknowledge them and quit making us re-download them?

Note I did create a new internal storage/Music/BHelperMp3 directory. Manually copied all the MP3s there. Then updated the File Download Directory in BandHelper accordingly. No good, Bandhelper still doesn't see them and wants to download new copies instead.


Please submit a help ticket...

...then tap Help > Send Troubleshooting Info on the affected device and enter the assigned ticket ID.